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Dust Control

In the 1930’s, the U.S. was taking conservation seriously.  We put together a massive regional authority to handle conservation and energy issues in the Tennessee Valley, but we also attacked the growing issue called the Dust Bowl with two major Acts:  The Taylor Grazing Act and the Soil Conservation Act.




After preparing, studying for, and passing the exam in November of 2019, I realized there weren't a whole of FREE materials that helped provide some guidance through the certification process from start to finish.  I couldn't find much relating to the application process (mostly the criteria questions), and while there were some free materials available online, I found it hard to find the time to set aside to study.

And that's how this podcast was born.  It serves as a free resource for people to prepare for the AICP certification, from start to finish, all in an audio format that you can listen to while commuting to or from work (your first or second job), while doing chores, going for a run, taking care of family, or anything else.  Help with certification should be available to anyone, regardless of the financial ability to purchase study materials, or their ability to have the free time to study.

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